Lincoln Tomahawk 1025







  • Plasma Cutting
  • Gouging

The improved mains voltage tolerances and robust metal casing with large rubber protective corners makes this machine suitable for operation onsite or in a workshop environment.
The extremely concentrated plasma jet increases the travel speed and cutting performance to best in class with long-lasting performance. The Tomahawk™ 1025 comes with three plasma modes. The first mode is standard for all general plasma cutting; the second is a Grid function that keeps the arc constant designed for cutting mesh. The third mode is a gouge mode providing an extremely long gouging arc


Part No. Output Range Duty Cycle Required flow rate
     N/A        20-60A                           60A @ 40%, 40A @ 100%         130 I/min @ 5.5bar
Fuse size Required Inlet Pressure Dimensions (mm) H x W x D Net Weight (kg)
        20A                     6.0 bar – 7.5 bar                      389, 247, 510                22
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