Lincoln Invertec V205-S





Single Phase, 50-60Hz


  • Stick Welding
  • TIG Lift

The Invertec V205-s stick welding unit with Lift TIG welding capabilities, has been designed and manufactured using the latest digital inverter welding technology. A maximum output of 200A allows the use of up to 4mm electrodes. The professional will appreciate the many advanced features including the built-in ‘Hot Start’ and adjustable ‘Arc Force’ control. The Invertec V205-s ‘Lift TIG’ feature enables the welder to start the TIG arc by lifting the tungsten electrode from the work piece without tungsten contamination or the need for HF ignition. For added saftety this welding equipment comes with a built-in VRD.


Part No. Output Range Duty Cycle Rated Input
     N/A           5-200A                               200A @ 35%, 170A @ 100%            32A/ 20A
Rec. Generator Input/Phase/Voltage/Hertz Dimensions (mm) H x W x D Net Weight (kg)
          >8kVA                     240/415V/1/50-60Hz                      385, 215, 610                14
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