ARC Studs

Drawn ARC Welding

Stud Welding provides 3 primary advantages:

  1. Tremendous time and cost savings through NO drilling, punching, threading, gluing, riveting, screwing or finishing
  2. Greater flexibility in design and usage through the studs high strength and ability to be applied on very thin plates and platforms with limited or only one sided access
  3. Unsurpassed economy though high levels of automation, fast weld rates and low price for standard studs

How it works

Under the stud welding process an arc is ignited between the face of the stud and the surface of the work piece. Once both parts are melted, the stud is smoothly pressed against the work piece and joined together. Welding elements like threaded studs, pins, tapped pads, etc. are welded by an arc without additional material being required. Because the stud is joined with the work piece over the whole surface of the stud, the strength of the joint is even higher than the base material or the stud.