Wire and Electrodes

Whatever the type of process your using, be it: Stick, TIG, MIG, Sub-merged arc, Gouging, Cutting etc. Using welding wire, carbons, flux, and various electrodes we have a product for you.

Need a specialised product? Call our friendly team to find out more.

Guns, Torches & Consumables

From MIG, TIG or Stick welding  to Cutting and Gouging, we stock various brands, connection types and sizes of guns and torches.

Need some tips?  Or Tungstens?  We also stock consumables suited to most types of guns & torches, So, from MIG, TIG, & Stick welding though to cutting & gouging, Spectrom has got you covered. 

Safety Gear (PPE)

Whether you’re looking for Safety gear for the home workshop, business or mine site compliance, We have an large range of ‘PPE’ to suit your needs

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